Saturday, January 6, 2007

Emma Has Arrived

Emma Rae

Born on the only snowy day in December...Born to be a Ski bunny

Emma and Mom meet for the first time (officially)

A long anticipated arrival

My Two beautiful Ladies

Great Grandma - so excited!

Uncle James

Aunt Annie and Uncle Brian

Emma's first ride home, Watch Out World -here she comes

We made it, Emma's new digs

A life saver

Aunti Rae


The DeVries' said...

Wow! We can't believe how beautiful she is (not that I should be surprised with such great looking parents)! Hopefully we can come down sometime VERY soon and meet her (Diesel is also very excited, but we think we should get her adjusted to two legged people before we introduce her to four legged friends).

Alicia you look beautiful!

Lots of love,
Uncle Jack and Auntie Steph

iloveredheads said...

val got mad at me 'cause i didn't tell now i did..congrats!